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IDSEMUG 9205 - Italian Sketchbook: Travel Writing and Digital Storytelling

This course will reference a wide range of forms—the essay, the journal,the sketchbook, the map, the photograph, the human voice—through which anauthor represents the​ thoughts and sensations of mobility.​ We will alsoexplore many different authorial subject positions such as: cartographer,pilgrim, explorer, fugitive, and tourist. In our study of these forms wewill focus on two primary impulses: ​observation​ and ​creation​. We willtrace how traveling subjects observed and recorded the world as expressionsof artistic representation, scientific discovery and comparativesociocultural analysis AND we will focus on the strategies and techniques,in particular the interchange between word and image, employed by authorsand artists as we translate these familiar approaches into new digitalforms. Italy, and in particular Florence, will serve as the most immediateconceptual and physical context for investigation. We will thus be able tolink the textual and visual material studied in the classroom with theworld beyond the boundaries of the La Pietra campus.
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