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IDSEMUG 2073 - Documentary Truths, American Fictions

This course explores the genre of documentary film and its historical and aesthetic evolutions in the U.S. It is designed to provide students with a critical vocabulary to define and discuss the specificity of documentary film form, while also interrogating practices of representation in non-fiction film and the genre’s relationship to notions like truth and reality. Students will also grapple with some of the ethical issues central to documentary filmmaking and examine how non-fiction films have addressed social and political issues relevant to American life at different historical moments. Readings will include the work of Patricia Aufderheide, bell hooks, Bill Nichols and Michael Renov, among others. Filmmakers may include Madeline Anderson, Les Blank, Garrett Bradley, Ken Burns, Christine Choy, Emile de Antonio, Robert Flaherty, William Greaves, Barbara Kopple, Victor Masayesva, Jr., Julia Reichert, George Stoney, Renee Tajima-Peña, Yvonne Welbon, and more. Class Notes: FULFILLS GALLATIN DEGREE REQUIREMENT: HUMANITIES.
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