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IDSEMUG 2004 - NYC Coastlines: Past, Present, and Future

This course entwines archaeology, geomorphology, climate change considerations, and science fiction to think about the changing coastlines of New York City and the impact of urbanism on the natural environment. We will examine the past, present, and future of our waterways and become familiar with the range of marine biology projects currently in place in the New York harbor area. The course will entail several field trips, including to The River Project wetlab, the NYC Archaeology Repository, and the CoGen power plant. A major portion of the course will be centered around the artifact that each student will choose to examine from an archaeological site located in early landfilled sites from the 16th-century. In addition to scientific publications, we will draw from historic representations such as The Big Oyster by Mark Kurlansky, the futuristic imaginations of Kim Stanley Robinson’s NY 2140, and contemporary efforts such as the Billion Oyster Project to regenerate the waterways in order to envision the relationship between the historical, contemporary, and future material culture and coastlines of New York City. Class Notes: Section 001 is NOT open to Environmental Studies majors.FULFILLS GALLATIN DEGREE REQUIREMENT: SCIENCE. Enrollment Requirements: Restr for IDSEM - UG 2004 001.
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