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IDSEMUG 2001 - Reading Derrida

Over the last half-century, the work of Jacques Derrida [1930-2004] has been hotly debated and widely impactful across fields ranging from philosophy and politics to art and architecture. In this seminar, we will read, discuss, and debate several, though certainly not all, of this prolific writer’s texts. Our selections will be especially attuned to politics, and will engage the experience of colonialism and decolonization. Amongst the topics that will most interest us are: writing and difference; language, satire, and the performative; translation; friendship and hospitality; cosmopolitanism and forgiveness; and globalization. Readings of Derrida’s may include Writing and Difference [1967]; “Signature Event Context' [1972]; “Declarations of Independence" [1976]; “Towers of Babel" [1980]; The Politics of Friendship [1994]; Monolingualism of the Other [1996]; On Cosmopolitanism and Forgiveness [1997]. Class Notes: Course meets during the last seven weeks only, First Class: Thursday, March 28; Last Class: Thursday, May 9.
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