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IDSEMUG 1855 - Creativity, Innovation, Entrepreneurship

The terms creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship (CI&E) are routinely invoked in the 21st century. The goal of this class is to examine these concepts both individually and in the way they interrelate. How do we understand these terms? To what extent are CI&E stable, contestable, or how is one a precursor of the other? A business writer suggested that “creativity is the price of admission, but it’s innovation that pays the bills.” As values, how do CI&E generate value in business, as well as in life? Thinking analytically and practically about CI&E, we will explore images of the self, economic notions of the good life and of society implicit in different ways that CI&E get parsed. And we will examine the anatomy of start-ups as well as intrapreneurship — the fostering of an entrepreneurial internal culture, where the Gallatin model of individualized study might be considered a useful paradigm. Class Notes: Open to Gallatin students only. All others require permission of the instructor ( Add Consent: Department Consent Required. Enrollment Requirements: Restr for IDSEM-UG 1855.
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