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IDSEMUG 1740 - Bridging Culture and Nature: An Introduction to Conservation Science

This course is designed for those who wish to deepen our relationship to nature and then learn how to apply this understanding to the challenging work of conservation biology. We will discover how scientists, business leaders, financial institutions, entrepreneurs, social workers, and artists can work together to conserve the earth’s rich diversity and create a balanced and equitable relationship with nature. We will begin with an exploration of our own relationship to the natural world in the 21st Century. We then examine the diversity of life on earth, the principal threats to biological and climate systems, and specific actions that are being taken to reverse these threats, manage our own behavior and choices, and protect life on earth. Students will be required to research and share lessons learned through a weekly blog on a range of conservation topics, and complete a practical project that demonstrates how each of us can make a difference in strengthening our relationship to nature. Course research will include extensive readings and viewings from a wide variety of peer reviewed science journals and popular publications. At the course conclusion, students from all disciplines should see a role for themselves in the conservation work that is an essential focus of this century. Class Notes: Section 001 is not open to Environmental Studies majors. FULFILLS GALLATIN DEGREE REQUIREMENT: SCIENCE. Enrollment Requirements: Restriction for IDSEM-UG 1740/001.
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