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IDSEMUG 1420 - Reading Poetry

Poetry is an art which can express our deepest feelings and thoughts about our human experience. Too many of us, however, encounter poetry timidly. We wonder how we can make meaning of poetic words and rhythms so distinct from those we use in our daily lives. In this course, we will work at developing poetic sensibilities, not by digging to find clues to the mysterious meanings of poems, but by gaining an understanding of how to read poetry as a language within a language. We will study how the concentrated language and sounds of poetry help us to grapple with the shades and subtleties of our own experience. The course will begin with a study of various verse forms, and then focus on the art of close reading. We will read many poems ranging from early English lyrics, popular ballads, and Shakespeare’s sonnets, to modern and contemporary poems, as well as poems originally written in other languages. Class Notes: Course meets during the first seven weeks only, First Class: September 3; Last Class: October 20. Students who have taken FIRST-UG 112 are note permitted to take this course.FULFILLS GALLATIN DEGREE REQUIREMENT: HUMANITIES. Enrollment Requirements: AR: IDSEM-UG 1420.
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