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IDSEMUG 1122 - Discourses of Love: Antiquity to the Renaissance

This course explores the impulse to define, understand, contain, praise, analyze, lament, restrain, and express love. Through a study of philosophy, poetry, drama, religion, art, and music we will endeavor to discourse on the meaning of this profound emotion. However, in order to understand the place of love within the lives of humans in the west, we need to look at love in its historic, cultural, social, and political contexts from Sappho and Plato to Shakespeare, while also considering non-Western influences. We want to consider Love's multiple roles with regard to desire, seduction, betrothal, marriage, manners, morals, political power, and the pursuit of wisdom, as well as its role in class, gender, and race. Possible readings could include Plato’s Symposium, the poetry of Sappho, the stories of Marie de France, selections from Dante, the Italian comic play, The Deceived, as well as plays of Shakespeare. Class Notes: Open to sophomores only. Enrollment Requirements: Restriction for IDSEM-UG1122.
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