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ENGRUH 4711 - Compressible Flow

This course provides an introduction to conservation equations for inviscid flows, one dimensional flows, isentropic flow, normal shock waves, one dimensional flow with friction, one dimensional flow with heat addition, oblique shock waves, Prandtl-Meyer expansion waves, flow in nozzles and diffusers, inviscid flow in a converging-diverging nozzle, flow in diffusers, subsonic and supersonic airfoils, compressibility effects on lift and drag, critical and drag divergence Mach number, and wave drag. It will also cover analysis of unsteady one-dimensional and steady supersonic two-dimensional flows; including the method of characteristics; small-disturbance theory with applications to supersonic thin-airfoil theory. Enrollment Requirements: Prerequisite: ENGR-UH 2212 , ENGR-UH 2017 and ENGR-UH 3710 (ENGR-UH 3710 may be taken as pre-req or co-req).
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