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ENGRUH 3750 - Vibrations

This course introduces students to vibrations of rigid bodies supported by an elastic component (i.e. simple spring-mass systems). The course covers response of systems subjected to free, transient, and forced vibration situations. Starting with single-degree-of-freedom systems, the course progresses to modeling and analyzing the response of multiple-degree-of-freedom systems using analytical methods. Practical applications of this material include vibration isolation, suspension systems, and active vibration control. The lab component includes vibration testing and modal analysis of structures subjected to impulse or harmonic excitation, and involves concepts such as digital acquisition of signals from accelerometers, signal conditioning and frequency spectrum analysis to determine the natural frequencies of the structure. Enrollment Requirements: Prerequisites: ENGR-UH 2210 (ENGR-AD 239) and MATH-UH 1024 (MATH-AD 120).
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