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ECONUA 9010 - Interm Microeconomics

The aim of the course is to provide students with a thorough understanding of the core concepts and methods of microeconomics. The course can serve as a foundation for more advanced undergraduate electives which require a microeconomics background. Students will develop their understanding of economic models specified in standard mathematical and/or game theoretic terms. Course content includes core topics of consumption, production, and decision-making by firms (both with and without market power) as well as the analysis of market failure due to public goods and externalities. The core also includes an introduction to decision making under conditions of uncertainty. These topics are analyzed more deeply and more rigorously than in introductory principles courses. Depending on time available, the course will cover a selection of further topics. These include some or all of: asymmetric information, general equilibrium, and behavioral economics. Because this course caters to the policy concentration stream, the level of mathematics is somewhat lower than it would be on the theory concentration, and the course will make extensive use of diagrams and stress the intuition of results. Nevertheless, intermediate microeconomics is rigorous and analytical. The calculus prerequisite is there for a reason and students will need to be familiar with basic differentiation, including partial differentiation. While the level of mathematics is not advanced, all students of intermediate microeconomics must be prepared for some mathematical analysis. less description for ECON-UA 9010 «
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