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CAMSUA 149 - Play & Creativity

How do we conceptualize the elusive phenomenon of “play”? Is there abiological imperative to play? How does play influence child developmentand maintain psychological health as we mature? In this course we surveythe historical, scientific, clinical, cultural, and artistic perspectiveson the role of play through the life cycle. Is the play-element a catalystfor creativity and innovation? We explore various theories of creativitythrough the lens of neuroscience, psychology, philosophy, and mysticism. Weconsider the use of improvisation and free play in life, art, clinicalwork, and scientific discovery. Topics include: exploration of play styles,observations of animal play, the role of play in child development andeducation, how play influences attachment and social bonding, theaesthetics and cultural value of play, the consequences of playdeprivation, the art and science of creativity, and the relationshipbetween creativity, mental illness, and genius. Class Notes: Open to visiting students.
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