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ART 263 - Interactive Design I

Prerequisites: ART 116, ART 121, ART 131, ART 135, ART 140 and ART 141. Focuses on creative concepts of design problem solving for interactive design. Instructs students in techniques specific to Web, multimedia for the Web, and other interactive design projects using current technology and standards. Interactive functionality and usability are covered. Part I of II. Lecture 2 hours. Studio instruction 2 hours. Total 4 hours per week. Class Notes: ART 263 - 16 Week Course - Prerequisites: ART 116, 121,131,135,140, 141. Students must be enrolled prior to the first class meeting and must attend at least one class by the census date or risk being administratively dropped without a refund. This class meets in person for 2 hours lecture and 1 hour of studio/lab time. Students will need to schedule an additional 1 hour of studio/lab time into their weekly schedule. Open labs are available for student use. Macintosh platform. Class materials for this section costs less than $40This course offers low-cost textbook materials: Textbooks are typically estimated at $39.00 or less. Electronic media may be used and regular and reliable Internet might be required OER-low cost textbooks. Enrollment Requirements: Prerequisite: ART 116.
Class Materials Total Cost is less than $40
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