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LEGL 1300
Intro. to Paralegal Studies
LEGL 1301
Legal Ethics & Professionalism
LEGL 1315
Technology in the Law Office
LEGL 1320
Legal Research
LEGL 1330
Legal Writing
LEGL 1340
Family Law
LEGL 1350
LEGL 1360
Criminal Law
LEGL 2300
Spec. Topics Paralegal Studies
LEGL 2310
Corporate Law
LEGL 2320
Employment Law
LEGL 2340
Real Property Law
LEGL 2350
Bankruptcy & Creditor Rights
LEGL 2370
LEGL 2380
Civil Litigation Skills I
LEGL 2390
Legal Internship
LEGL 2917
Cooperative Education
LEGL 2927
Cooperative Education
LEGL 2935
Cooperative Education
LEGL 2937
Cooperative Education
LEGL 2947
Cooperative Education
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