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HIST 101
US History to 1877
HIST 102
US History Since 1877
HIST 211
History of East Asia I
HIST 217
Nevada History
HIST 251
Historical Investigation
HIST 372
Ancient Civilization II
HIST 377
European Social History I
HIST 385
Early Modern Europe
HIST 401
American Constitutional and Legal History
HIST 403
Modern American Civilization
United States Foreign Relations II
United States Foreign Relations I
Nevada and the West
HIST 418
History of the United States: American Indian Relations
HIST 424
Role of Religion in American Culture
HIST 426
The American West Through Film
HIST 432
History of Women in the United States
HIST 433
African-American History
HIST 444
Latinos in the American West
HIST 450
Modern Chinese History
Popular Culture in Twentieth-Century America
HIST 463
Europe: 1815-1914
HIST 467
Modern Jewish History
HIST 483
Studies In Urban History
HIST 485
Oral History
HIST 487
Topics in American Studies
HIST 499
Senior Seminar in History
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