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AFAMST 101-6
First-Year Seminar
AFAMST 210-0
Survey of African American Literature
AFAMST 211-0
Literatures of the Black World
AFAMST 212-2
Introduction to African American History: Emancipation to Ci...
AFAMST 212-1
Introduction to African-American History: Key concepts from...
AFAMST 214-0
Comparative Race and Ethnic Studies
AFAMST 215-0
Introduction to Black Social & Political Life
AFAMST 220-0
Civil Rights and Black Liberation
AFAMST 236-0
Introduction to African-American Studies
AFAMST 245-0
The Black Diaspora and Transnationality
AFAMST 320-0
Social Meaning of Race
AFAMST 327-0
Politics of Black Popular Culture
AFAMST 331-0
The African American Novel
AFAMST 335-0
Race and Literature in 19th Century America
AFAMST 339-0
Unsettling Whiteness
AFAMST 342-0
Comparative Slavery
AFAMST 345-0
Afro-Latin America
AFAMST 348-0
Africans in Colonial Latin America
AFAMST 350-0
Theorizing Blackness
AFAMST 360-0
Major Authors
AFAMST 363-0
Racism in Western Modernity
AFAMST 375-0
Post Colonial African American Studies
AFAMST 378-0
Harlem Renaissance
Topics in African American Studies
AFAMST 380-0
Topics in African-American Studies
AFAMST 390-0
Research Seminar
AFAMST 394-0
Professional Linkage Seminar
Professional Linkage Seminar
AFAMST 396-0
Internship in African-American Studies
AFAMST 399-0
Independent Study
AFAMST 402-0
Theorizing Black Genders and Sexualities
AFAMST 403-0
Theorizing Blackness and Diaspora
AFAMST 420-0
Expressive Arts and Cultural Studies
AFAMST 440-0
Black Historiography
AFAMST 441-0
History of Black Women in the Diaspora
AFAMST 445-0
Historicizing Race in Latin America
AFAMST 460-0
Race, Politics, Society, and Culture
AFAMST 475-0
Genealogy of Racism as a Concept: Deconstruction & Governmen...
AFAMST 480-0
Graduate Topics in African American Studies
AFAMST 490-0
Independent Study
AFAMST 491-0
Reading and Pedagogy
AFAMST 590-0
Research Seminar
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