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ART 104
Ceramics I
ART 106
Contemporary Art
ART 110
Two Dimensional Design
ART 111
Three Dimensional Design
ART 115
Drawing Studio I
ART 120
History of Photography
ART 125
Making&Interpreting Clay Objects:Exam Development of Ceramic...
ART 131
World Art II
ART 170
Time Travel: Introduction to Time-Based Art
ART 185
Computer Graphics
ART 200
Art Now
ART 202
Philosophies of Art
ART 207
Painting Fundamentals
ART 214
Drawing & Composition II
ART 216
Sculpture I
ART 218
Jewelry I
ART 219
Life Drawing I
ART 222
Ceramics II
ART 230
Photography I
ART 232
History of Communication Design
ART 235
Illustration I
ART 236
Advanced Illustration
ART 237
Typography/Desktop Publishing
ART 238
Drawing for Designers & Illustrators
ART 241
Self: I as Body
ART 242
Self: Image
ART 243
Rendering Techniques
ART 244
Large Format Phototography
ART 245
Color Theory
ART 250
Intro to Art Therapy
ART 259
The Romantic Century:1789-1889
ART 263
Acts of resistance: Activists, Interlopers and Pranksters
ART 265
Art in the United States
ART 266
Women Artists
ART 270
Acts of Resistance: DIY + Making
ART 271
Body Adornment: Design, Culture and History
ART 280
Creative Cartoons & Comics
ART 283
Communication Design Techniques
ART 300
Portrait Painting
ART 301
Methods & Techniques in Art Therapy
ART 303
Ceramics III
ART 304
Ceramic Sculpture
ART 305
Life Drawing II
ART 307
Relief Printing
ART 309
ART 310
Digital Illustration I
ART 315
Book & Magazine Design
ART 316
Sculpture II
ART 319
Jewelry II
ART 324
Casting for Jewelers
ART 334
Packaging Design
ART 343
Advertising Design
ART 350
Photography II
ART 351
Color Photo I
ART 352
Studio Lighting
ART 356
Advanced Darkroom Techniques
ART 393
Clinical Practice I
ART 398
Studio Research I
ART 405
Experimental Painting
ART 406
Advanced Ceramics
ART 409
Enameling for Jewelers
ART 415
Studio Painting
ART 416
Advanced Printmaking
ART 419
Casting for Jewelers II
ART 425
Digital Illustration II
ART 430
Web Design
ART 444
Photo as a Fine Art
ART 446
User Experience and User Interface Design
ART 448
Information Design
ART 450
Portfolio Preparation
ART 465
Bachelor Fine Arts Seminar
ART 469
Clinical Practice II
ART 490
Honors in Art I
ART 491
Honors in Art II
ART 492
Independent Study In Art
ART 501
Art Classroom Management
ART 520
Foundations & Goals in Art Education
ART 530
Pedagogy in Art Education
ART 607
Art Of Diverse Cultures
ART 608
Contemporary Art Seminar
ART 609
Develop.Of Spatial Illusion
ART 610
Independent Study in Art
ART 612
Aesthetic & Critical Perspectives in Art
ART 616
Advertising Design
ART 618
Ceramic Sculpture
ART 621
Painting/Drawing Studio I
ART 626
Studio Sculpture
ART 627
Printmaking I
ART 634
Ceramics II
ART 637
Photography I
ART 641
Life Drawing Studio
ART 643
Cooperative Education
ART 644
Seminar in Cooperative Education
ART 647
Honors in Studio Art
ART 652
Electronic Works
ART 654
Experimental Painting
ART 656
Conceptual Expression
ART 660
Master Thesis Seminar I
ART 661
Master Thesis Seminar II
ART 662
Prep. Of Art For Print.
ART 672
Honors II
ART 701
Master Critique I
ART 702
Master Critique II
ART 703
Master Critique III
ART 704
Master Critique IV
ART 711
Studio I
ART 712
Studio II
ART 713
Studio III
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