GPHI 5406 - Gender and its Discontents

The course will be co-taught by Chiara Bottici and Margot Bouman* This is the required core course for the university-wide graduate certificate in Gender and Sexuality Studies and it is open to all students who're interested in sexuality and gender studies. Our starting point is the acknowledgement that sex- and gender-based modes of social organization are pervasive and, further, that their prominence and persistence gets reflected in sex- and gender-conscious research across the humanities, the arts, the social sciences, design, and studies dedicated to social policies and innovative strategies for social intervention. We will expand on this starting point through both an in-depth survey of influential theoretical approaches to sex and gender such as Marxist feminism, theories of sexual difference, queer studies, and postcolonial and decolonial feminism, and by paying attention to the significance of different approaches. Topics to be explored include, but are not limited to: equality and rights, exploitation and division of labor, the construction of gender, performativity, gender images, narrative and identity.
Liberal Arts, Open to Non Major w Restrictns
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