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GPHI 5012
Greek/Latin Reading Group
GPHI 5013
French Language Group
GPHI 5014
German Reading Group
GPHI 5015
Ancient Greek, Beginner Language Study
GPHI 5016
Modern Deductive Logic
GPHI 5017
Introductory Proseminar
GPHI 5018
Ancient Greek,Intermediate Language Study
GPHI 5019
Advanced Ancient Greek Language Study
GPHI 5020
Spanish Language Group
GPHI 5406
Gender and its Discontents
GPHI 5500
GPHI 5507
Embodied Cognition
GPHI 5509
The Case For Critique
GPHI 5511
Gender And Domination
GPHI 5515
GPHI 5517
Aesthetics: Literature & The Arts
GPHI 5920
Varieties of Intentionality
GPHI 6005
Philosophy of Merleau-Ponty
GPHI 6011
Modern Deductive Logic
GPHI 6022
Hegel's Phenomenology Of Spirit 2
GPHI 6030
Kant's Critique of Judgment
GPHI 6034
Psychoanalysis & Deconstruction
GPHI 6039
French Reading Group
GPHI 6040
German Reading Group
GPHI 6041
Greek/Latin Reading Group
GPHI 6065
Kant's Critique of Pure Reason
GPHI 6072
The Basic Works of Freud
GPHI 6073
GPHI 6074
The Basic Problems of Phenomenology
GPHI 6076
Freudians and Post-Freudians
GPHI 6086
Levinas and....
GPHI 6094
Spinoza's Ethics
GPHI 6120
Contemporary Pragmatism
GPHI 6121
GPHI 6125
GPHI 6127
Tragedy's Philosophy
GPHI 6130
Dogmas of Empiricism
GPHI 6131
Ancient Greek, Intermediate Language Study
GPHI 6133
Themes From Marx
GPHI 6134
Psychoanalytic Technique
GPHI 6138
GPHI 6141
Critiques Of Capitalism
GPHI 6148
Gender And Its Discontents
GPHI 6149
Plato and the Sophists
GPHI 6150
Embodied Cognition
GPHI 6151
Socialism: Its Past and Future
GPHI 6152
Foucault: Subjectivity, Rationality, Critique
GPHI 6153
Social and Political Philosophy
GPHI 6510
Gadamer's Truth And Method
GPHI 6525
Philosophy Of History
GPHI 6529
The Problem of Time
GPHI 6530
Late Ancient Philosophy
GPHI 6545
Themes from Marx
GPHI 6548
Prospectus Seminar
GPHI 6550
Husserl & Kant
GPHI 6587
Hegel's Philosophy Of Right
GPHI 6594
Memory, Time and the Self
GPHI 6598
Philosophy and Literature
GPHI 6605
Hegel's Science Of Logic 2
GPHI 6610
Emotional Life of Politics
GPHI 6613
Logical Investigations 2
GPHI 6619
GPHI 6625
Experience and History
GPHI 6630
Nietzsche's Zarathustra
GPHI 6632
Controversial Issues in Psychoanalysis
GPHI 6645
Death In Ancient Greek Thought
GPHI 6657
Memory, History, Trauma
GPHI 6668
Kant's Doctrine of Illusion
GPHI 6683
Hellenistic Philosophy
GPHI 6690
Aesthetics:Philosophy Of Art
GPHI 6698
Enlightened Exchanges
GPHI 6699
Art and Mechanical Reproduction
GPHI 6705
The Philosophy of Human Rights
GPHI 6706
Aristotle's Metaphysics Zeta And Theta
GPHI 6707
Philosophy And Images
GPHI 6708
Kant On Freedom & Normativity
GPHI 6709
The Fetish And The Thing
GPHI 6711
Reading Greek Tragedy
GPHI 6713
Capitalism Versus Nature
GPHI 6714
Philosophy of Right: Kant and Hegel
GPHI 6715
The Ancient Quarrel Between Philosophy and Poetry
GPHI 6716
History and Crisis
GPHI 6718
Scientific Revolutions
GPHI 6719
Phil of Crime & Punishment
GPHI 6720
Thinking the State:Hobbes' Leviathan
GPHI 6721
Epistemology of Social Identity
GPHI 6722
Philosophy of Race
GPHI 6723
I and Thou: Philosophy of the Second Person
GPHI 6724
A New Theory of Technology
GPHI 6725
Radical, Political Thought
GPHI 6726
Disability and Justice
GPHI 6727
Foucault and Subjectivity
GPHI 6728
Modern Aesthetics, Modernist Art
GPHI 6729
Capitalism, Nature, Critique
GPHI 6731
Anxiety and Boredom
GPHI 6732
Thinking Through Interfaces
GPHI 6733
Marx's Grundisse and their Interpretations
GPHI 6735
History of Latin American Philosophy I: Myths and Origins
GPHI 6737
Normativity and Naturalism
GPHI 6738
Early Greek Philosophy
GPHI 6740
Class, Gender and Race
GPHI 6741
Ethics Under Oppression Ethics Under Oppression
GPHI 6742
Deleuze's The Anti-Oedipus
GPHI 6744
Socrates and An-archic Subjects Socrates and An-archic Subje...
GPHI 6752
Human Observation
GPHI 6753
GPHI 6754
Life and the Question of Being in Aristotle
GPHI 6990
Independent Study
GPHI 6992
Curricular Practical Training
GPHI 6994
Inter-University Consortium
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