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SOC 63995 - Ethnographic Methods of Qualitative Research I

This is a two-semester course in ethnographic methods. We will focus on conducting independent research. You will design your own project based on your empirical and theoretical interests. Qualitative researchers must distill large amounts of data into useful empirical findings and theoretical arguments. This process of distilling begins with: learning to think systematically about research, specifying a clear and doable research project, taking systematic field notes, and writing memos as you go. You must also familiarize yourself with a wide range of social theories in order to be able to frame your emerging argument. Careful and conscientious data collection paves the way for systematic analysis. While analysis runs throughout both semesters, we will focus on data collection and review of contemporary and classical theories in this first semester. Next semester we will focus on qualitative analysis and writing. Your field notes, analytic memos, and theoretical memos from this semester will serve as data for next semester's final paper.You will need to spend a significant amount of time in the field to have sufficient data for the final paper (due at the end of the second semester) and to participate in the ongoing analysis throughout the course. You must spend at least three hours in the field a week and be ready to talk about your experiences in the field when you come to class, particularly how your experiences relate to the readings for that week. "Hot seat" sessions will be devoted entirely to discussing students' experiences in the field; everyone will be expected to speak at length during these sessions.
ZTST - Final exam;
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