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SOC 63919 - Qualitative Cultural Methods

This class offers students an opportunity to learn, practice, and develop their skills in a variety of qualitative methods. We will focus primarily on varieties of interview techniques and content analysis, leaving some room to investigate additional methods according to student interest (i.e. case-studies, visual methods, etc.). For each we'll consider the entire process from study design, to data collection and analysis, to writing up the results. As students practice these methods outside of class, we'll use class to interrogate these methods. We'll ask: 1) What kinds of information can we get from these methods? What kinds of questions do these methods help us to answer? 2) What levels of analysis can we access through these methods? 3) What biases do we introduce into our research by adopting these methods? 4) What are the emergent methodological innovations in qualitative research? 5) What are the best tricks of the trade? 6) What are the debates and controversies among practitioners of these methods? 7) What are the different ways to analyze these data? Students will leave the class with a handful of new methods, confident in their ability to conduct sophisticated qualitative research.
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