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SOC 43991 - Sociology Research Practicum

This is a research practicum for seniors and advanced juniors in the Sociology major that builds towards the completion of an original research project. Whatever your post-graduation plans, this is a great opportunity to do independent research and produce a tangible report which showcases your sociological knowledge and skills. The course begins with reading and discussion of exemplary research illustrating the great range of methodological approaches available, a review of statistics, and tips on how to choose a research question that is both interesting and feasible. Halfway through the semester we switch to workshop mode and discuss each student's research design, considering such things as sampling strategies, survey design, question wording, and coding categories, as well as the ethical requirements of the University's Institutional Review Board. Whether you take a quantitative, qualitative, or a mixed approach to your data gathering and analyses, this is your opportunity to get started on a research project that can lead to a senior thesis.
ZTST - Final exam;
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