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SOC 43541 - Reframing the Rust Belt

The term "Rust Belt" typically brings to mind images of abandoned buildings and vacant downtowns in cities that were once America's manufacturing centers. Yet, while there are lasting economic and social effects of this shift, the perception that these places are failing or abandoned is just one narrative of many. This course will use the "Rust Belt" and South Bend, in particular, as a lens through which to view urban sociology. We will pay particular attention to the ways that place is constructed, investigating the literature on culture and meaning making, the role of the built environment, and the impact of physical location on various forms of inequality. Students will witness the process of place making first-hand by engaging with local artists in their attempts to reframe South Bend. Students will also be asked to engage with a local community organization on topics related to emplaced inequality.
ZCSC-Commnty Engagmnt Course, ZTST - Final exam
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