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SOC 43479 - International Migration and Human Rights

This course will examine the causes and consequences of international migration in a human rights perspective, ie, within the framework established by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We will investigate the experiences of populations who undergo displacement and resettlement across nation-states and the socio-political forces that criminalize populations seeking work and refuge across borders. Using readings and documentary films, students will become versed in contemporary current events within and outside of the United States, including the current crisis along the US-Mexico border. Course material will cover the social construction of borders, identities, and citizenship; differences in categories distinguishing migrants from one another; the factors fueling migration and the consequences of cross-border movement; the impact of emigrants¿ contexts of reception on their abilities to ¿make it¿; racism, exploitation, and criminalization; and how non-citizens mobilize to contest discrimination. Grades will be based on attendance, active participation in class discussions, and writing assignments.
CSTE - CST Elective, IBCL - IBC Liberal Arts
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