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SOC 43380 - Gender and Sexualities in the Family

Gender and sexuality are often taken for granted categories in social life and this is nowhere truer than in families, where the operation of gender and sexuality are usually invisible or appear as natural and private. Studying families offers a lens through which to explore and better understand gender and sexuality as complex social processes that structure our everyday lives. But families do not just reflect broader gender and sexual structures and inequalities - they also create and perpetuate them. As such, we will consider both how gender and sexuality affect our family aspirations and experiences, and how gender and sexuality get produced and reproduced within families. Some specific areas of family life we will explore include: dating, marriage, reproduction, parenting and child socialization, domestic labor, the negotiation of paid work and family care, and sexual desires and practices. We will draw on empirical studies about a variety of different kinds of families, including heterosexual, LGBTQ, and polygamous families. This is a discussion-based, seminar course that requires high levels of class participation.
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