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SOC 43212 - Can We Improve America's Schools?

The major goal of this course is to develop a sociological understanding of educational reforms in the United States. The course will cover several controversial reforms, such as school choice (vouchers, charter schools, magnet schools), school accountability, finance, and teaching. Each reform will begin with a formal presentation of a case supported by class readings, video, class debate, and lecture. Students' experiences in the course will link academic scholarship with what is actually happening in the field. Students will be required to write a number of position papers and reflections throughout the semester, to engage in class discussions, and thoughtfully defend their opinions. Other goals of this course include fostering students' awareness of (1) the complexity of school systems; (2) the variety of ways to participate in the field of education; and (3) the interconnections among educational policies, schools, teachers, students, families, and communities.
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