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SOC 34500 - Citizen, State & Society: A Service Learning Approach

Taught as CST 34111-'Citizen, State, and Society: A Service Learning Approach' at a host institution. This course examines major social issues in contemporary Greece and the changing relationships between state and citizen in Greek society. In recent years, Greece has seen the emergence of what has been called "civil society"-voluntary and social organizations that are an integral part of political life, but are not commercial in nature or part of the state. Students will join such organizations as volunteers, and their experiences will be integrated into the course, providing an experiential dimension to their understanding of the social issues under scrutiny as well as the ways in which the various actors that constitute civil society are finding their place in Greece. Why is volunteering still a somewhat unusual social practice in Greece? What roles do NGOs play? How do people in Greece think of themselves as citizens, and how do they perceive the responsibilities of the state? Students will read generally about Greek culture and society from a variety of disciplines in the social sciences, with a particular theoretical focus on political anthropology, and will volunteer with a specific agency working on social issues in Greece. Students enrolling in E/S357 are required to take a Modern Greek language course unless they have already done so before coming to CYA.
MESE - European Studies Course, ZOAG - Athens, Greece (AG)
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