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SOC 34147 - Culture in Medicine

Culture and medicine share a common tension; namely between the different conceptualisations and understanding of the human being. Contemporary medical practice has been described as a "culture of no culture" by sociologist Judith Butler, referring to the rhetoric of neutral and value-free medical practice. Similarly, medical practice is facing challenges to treat patients as persons in light of critiques around the influence of modern technology medicalizing both the human body and the human condition. The purpose of a course in culture in medicine is multi-dimensional; it aims to challenge the notion of medicine as a "culture of no culture" in the sense that medical practice is embedded in its own cultural narrative. From the foundation of medicine as a form of culture, other cultures within medicine will be explored. This will involve bringing to life the complexity of culture in medicine in the form of case scenarios, debates, critiques, and exploring cultural discourses that are relevant for contemporary UK society.
ZOLA - London, Eng-Fall/Spring
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