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SOC 30029 - Architecture which Hurts and Heals

Traditionally architects and urban designers typically failed to integrate input from disciplines such as psychology, sociology, anthropology, and the health sciences when designing buildings. This course addresses questions about the nature of the relationship between the environment that people inhabit and human experience; and whether building design (both the structure and the interior design) contribute to positive/healing effects on those who inhabit the space. The lens through which these issues will be examined is the San Patrignano Rehabilitation Community near Rimini in Italy - an intentional community which has been designed to produce an environmental healing/therapeutic effect. Academic component: Understanding the theoretical (neuroscientific, psychological, and sociological) and philosophical background to the design and implementation of San Patrignano its effectiveness in dealing with addiction. Exploring the phenomenological complexity and dialectics of building, dwelling and understanding. Identifying the key principles that can be applied more broadly to other forms of community life. Community engagement: visiting San Patrignano and meeting with staff and community members to gain first-hand experience of the environmental therapeutic effect.
PSIM - Poverty Studies Elect., ZTST - Final exam
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