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MI 30660 - Sunni and Shi'i Muslims: Common Legacy, Multiple Narratives

News coverage of Middle East developments is replete with references to Shi'i and Sunni Muslims. Their differences are often presented as a millenarian conflict, and as the cause of the discord that ravages the region. This course examines the formation of the different versions of Shi?i and Sunni Islam. While studying the common Islamic legacy shared by both, we will look into the multiple narratives that are based on this legacy. As such, the course investigates the political developments, intellectual currents, legal positions and ritual practices that provided Shi?i and Sunni Muslims with their rich variations on the story of Islam. Students are expected to actively participate in discussions based on the assigned weekly readings and material presented in class lectures. It is strongly recommended that students have prior knowledge of Arabic culture, the Middle East, or Islam.
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