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EDUC 100
Strategies for Acad Success
EDUC 201
Fndtns/Tch MulticultulSoc
EDUC 213
American Mosaic: Int Appr Arts
EDUC 215
Teach Wellness in Elem/Mid Sch
EDUC 220
Applied Media & Instruct Tech
EDUC 222
Intro to English as Sec Lang
EDUC 230
EdPsy:Found Spec Educ,Elem/Mid
EDUC 240
Gen Methods Elem/Mid School
EDUC 301
Teach Lang Arts Elem/Middle Sc
EDUC 302
Teach Soc Studies Elem/Mid Sc
EDUC 303
Teach Science Elem/Mid Sch
EDUC 304
Teach Reading Elem/Mid School
EDUC 305
Teach Math Elem/Mid Sch
EDUC 306
Multicult Appr Teach Reading
EDUC 308
Children's Lit Elem/Middle Sch
EDUC 310
Intro to Early Childhood Educ
EDUC 311
Curr&Assmnt in Early Chl Educ
EDUC 325
Clinical Field Study-Secondary
EDUC 345
Curr & Assmnt in Middle HS
EDUC 346
Inst Strat & Clsrm Mgt Mid/HS
EDUC 350
Educ Psy:Hum Grow & Dev Mid/HS
EDUC 352
Educ Psy:Grth&Dev,Pre-Sch/El/M
EDUC 356
Ed Psy: Excep Learners Mid/HS
EDUC 362
Positive Behavioral Support
EDUC 365
Assessment Strat Excep Learner
EDUC 368
Intervention Strategies
EDUC 401
EdTPA Preparation
EDUC 404
Content Area Literacy Instruct
EDUC 406
Reading Assessmnt Elem/Mid Sch
EDUC 425
Clinical Field Study-Secondary
EDUC 430
Foundations ESL/BBE
EDUC 432
Mths & Mtrls of ENL/BBE
EDUC 434
Collab&Consultation in Spec Ed
EDUC 443
Tch Social St- Middle/HS
EDUC 445
Tch Mod Lang Mid/High Sch
EDUC 447
Tch Engl-Mid/High School
EDUC 449
Tch Science-Mid/High School
EDUC 451
Tch Math-Mid/High School
EDUC 466
Communicating Climate Science
EDUC 471
Stdnt Teach Elem/SpecEd
EDUC 472
Student Teach Elem Schl
EDUC 474
Student Teach Mid/Sec Schl
EDUC 475
Student Teach High School
EDUC 476
Student Teach Elem/Mid/Sec Sch
EDUC 477
Student Teaching ELED/ESL
EDUC 478
Student Teaching Secondary/ESL
EDUC 480
Seminar in Early Chld Educ
EDUC 481
Seminar in Reading
EDUC 485
Practicum: Early Childhood Edu
EDUC 486
Practicum in Reading
EDUC 488
Practicum Intercultural Educ
EDUC 497
Independent Study
EDUC 998
Advanced Writing Proficiency
EDUC 999
Senior Comprehensive
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