CSC 60693 - The Common Good In Haiti: Global Health, Education, And The Preferential Option For The Poor.

Common Good Initiative: Haiti is a 2-credit, graduate-level, community-based learning course that prepares students for, immerses them in, and reflects on the struggle for social justice, with particular attention to issues of global health, education, and development in the context of Haitian poverty. The objective of the course is to formulate personal and structural responses in light of the preferential option for the poor that advance the common good, especially as that takes shape in the amelioration, prevention, and eradication of disease, poverty, and systemic injustice. The course's methodology lies at the nexus of social analysis, theological reflection, and interdisciplinary dialogue, each of which is predicated on the experiential learning of the immersion in Haiti itself (up to 8 days of travel over the Mid-Term Break). Learning goals include: awareness of beliefs, values, and interests; analysis of complex social realities and points of view; the synthesis and integration of experientially- and textually-based knowledge; and critical reflection on Catholic social tradition.
ZCSC-Commnty Engagmnt Course
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