CSC 33985 - Social Concerns Seminar: Energy, Climate, and Social Change

This course will integrate the complex narratives surrounding energy policy and climate change and pursue questions about how these narratives integrate with social change. The framing question for the course: How are people and communities affected by energy and climate policies? And, what sorts of efforts and opportunities are there for raising this question to the surface?Specifically, students will consider how policy and lifestyle most effect communities who are on the margins of society (nationally and globally, for example: climate refugees). The course will utilize selected readings, writing assignments, class lectures and discussions, and a week-long immersion to eastern Tennessee and Washington, DC. During the immersion, students will engage in reflection on the large and also very practical questions surrounding this topic. They will also learn to assess the strengths and weaknesses of alternative energy technologies (wind, solar, geothermal, fuel cells, ethanol, improving fossil fuel utilization, etc.) and of the various policies and economics surrounding energy and climate. Finally, students will begin to understand the relationship between energy consumption and environmental ethics, especially as understood in Catholic social tradition. For additional information about the course please see: Please note, this course has extra required meeting times and/or events outside of the displayed meeting schedule. Please go to this course¿s designated webpage within the Center for Social Concerns website ( for further details.
CSTS - CST Seminar, ENST - Energy Studies, PSCE-Povrty Studies Experientl, SUS3 - Social Institutions, ZCSC-Commnty Engagmnt Course
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