CSC 33972 - Restorative Justice Theory and Practice

Restorative justice is gaining visibility in contemporary social justice efforts. Advocates of change, ranging from parents to police, from the US Conference of Catholic Bishops to the cofounders of Black Lives Matter, are claiming restorative justice as an important way forward in making our institutions more just and more effective. This course will give students an understanding of how and why that potential exists, and teach them the basics of a primary restorative justice practice. Students will learn the fundamentals of Circle dialogue, situating it in the context of relevant theoretic frameworks and in the context of key restorative justice applications (including criminal justice, education, and systemic injustice). Students will be encouraged to search for potential applications of restorative justice theory and practice in the professional fields they anticipate entering. This will be a community-based learning course, requiring each student to perform 20 hours of work in the local community at pre-arranged sites as part of the course, in addition to regular reading and writing assignments.
CSTE - CST Elective, ZCSC-Commnty Engagmnt Course
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