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ENG 1010
Listening and Speaking
ENG 1050
Fundamentals of College Writin
ENG 1110
English Composition I
ENG 1210
English Composition II
ENG 1300
World Literature I
ENG 1400
World Literature II
ENG 1500
Writing about Literature
ENG 2105
Introduction to Technical Writ
ENG 2115
Introduction to Linguistics
ENG 2130
ENG 2310
British Literature I
ENG 2320
Surv of English Literature II
ENG 2340
Contemporary African American
ENG 2510
Language, Culture and Comm
ENG 2720
Intro to Creative Writing
ENG 3010
The Basics of Legal Writing
ENG 3030
Forensic Linguistics
ENG 3040
Special Topics-The Short Story
ENG 3105
Professional Writing
ENG 3110
Advanced English Grammar
ENG 3120
Advanced Composition (WI)
ENG 3130
Writing for Social Change
ENG 3300
Applied Literary Criticism
ENG 3310
American Literature I
ENG 3320
American Literature II
ENG 3400
Jr/Sr Sem Linguistics of Rap
ENG 3410
African American Literature I
ENG 3420
African American Literature II
ENG 3440
Social Inequality in S. Asia
ENG 3510
Visual Rhetoric and Composing
ENG 3605
Contemporary Literature
ENG 3700
Creative Writing: Prose
ENG 3800
Creative Writing: Poetry
ENG 3910
Creative Writ:Creative Nonfict
ENG 4000
The History of the English Lan
ENG 4110
The Nineteenth-Century Novel
ENG 4120
The Twentieth-Century Novel
ENG 4140
Writing for Digital Media
ENG 4150
Intern in Prof & Tech Writing
ENG 4200
Modern African Literature
ENG 4300
ENG 4420
Contemporary British and Ameri
ENG 4510
History of Rhetoric
ENG 4800
Independent Study
ENG 4900
Intergrating Reading and Writi
ENG 4910
Theories of Writing
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