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COUN 702
Human Development
COUN 704
School Counseling
COUN 705
Interna Expe in Human De Ser I
COUN 707
Pro Ori Eth Clin Menta Health
COUN 708
Pro Ori Eth in Reha Counseling
COUN 709
Statistics and Research Method
COUN 710
Pro Ori Ethics in Counseling
COUN 712
Counseling School Age Children
COUN 713
Theories and Meth in Counsel
COUN 714
Counseling Exceptional Chil
COUN 716
Founda and Theo of Addiction
COUN 717
Trau, Grief, Loss in K-12 Scho
COUN 721
Human Sexuality
COUN 731
Addiction in the Workplace
COUN 733
Trauma Theory and Treatment
COUN 736
Multicultural Counseling
COUN 738
Psy Treat Plan Reha Counseling
COUN 740
COUN 743
Medi and Psycho Aspects of Dis
COUN 750
Group Counseling
COUN 753
Play Therapy
COUN 754
Ad Theo Prac in Fam Counseling
COUN 755
Inter Expe in Human De Ser II
COUN 756
Counseling Couples
COUN 758
Psychopa Diagnosis and Treat
COUN 759
Addictions Counseling
COUN 760
Career Counseling
COUN 761
Behavioral Medicine
COUN 763
Family Counseling
COUN 764
Caseload Manage Voca Planning
COUN 766
Ad Clin Mental Health Counsel
COUN 767
Psychopathology and Addictions
COUN 768
Psychopharm Addictive Behav
COUN 769
Marriage Fam Counsel Addiction
COUN 770
Applied Research in Counseling
COUN 774
Coun Poor and Eth Diverse Fami
COUN 784
Practicum (LAB)
COUN 785
Internship I Clinical/Rehab
COUN 786
Internship II
COUN 790
Independent Study
COUN 800
Advanced Pro Ori Ethic in Reha
COUN 802
Advanced Multicul Counsel Dis
COUN 810
Descriptive and Inferen Statis
COUN 812
Instructional Theory and Meth
COUN 815
Multivariate Analyis in Resear
COUN 818
Theory and Prac of Couns Super
COUN 825
Grant Writing
COUN 830
Design Methodology and Imple
COUN 850
Foun of Trau Inform Care Manag
COUN 860
Family Violence
COUN 865
Analysis of Qualita Research
COUN 870
Models and Meth of Assessment
COUN 880
Leadership Consulta and Advoca
COUN 984
Advanced Rehab Counsel Pract
COUN 985
Counsel Edu and Supervi Intern
COUN 986
Counse Ed and Supv Internsh II
COUN 989
Semi in Ad Theo of Reha Coun
COUN 990
Independent Study
COUN 993
Supervised Teaching Practice
COUN 997
COUN 999
Continuation Residency
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