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SOC 375 - Sociology Of Social Movements

This is a Liberal Studies interdisciplinary course that will introduce students to the study of social movements. We will explore the complicated relationship between state, civil society, marginal social groups, national identity, the economy, the market and globalization. We will study both traditional and contemporary approaches to social movements, the dynamics, networks and organization of these movements, and the social impact of their activism. We will study several US movements, such as, Civil Rights, Women Rights, and Labor Movements, as well as other global movements, such as, Fair Trade, World Social Forum, Autonomia and Hacktivism. Letter grade only. Class Notes: - NAUFlex: In Person and Remote. This class is delivered synchronously with a mix of in-person and remote class sessions. Students and faculty meet at specific times, with some students participating in-person at assigned physical locations and other students participating remotely. Enrollment Requirements: Prerequisite: Any 100- or 200-level Sociology course. Requirement Designation: Social and Political Worlds.
LS Essential Skills - Critical Thinking
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