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CDES 390B - Contemporary Design in Denmark

Prerequisite(s): ARTH 1600, ARTH 1700, ART 1101, ART 1141, ART 1501, ART 1531 with C- or better in each; and permission of department Prerequisite(s) or Corequisite(s): CDES 2222 Students in this study abroad course explore contemporary design practices in Denmark. Danish design is culturally defined by a clean aesthetic, emphasis on functionality, and empathy for the human experience. In this course, students produce design solutions that reflect Danish design philosophy, specifically as it relates to design that embraces universal access, eco-friendly values, and the adoption of new technologies. Through design research practices, students analyze how democratic design has positively impacted life in Denmark. Students explore how Danish communication design works in the context of the monumental Scandinavian design movement, and compare Scandinavian design with current design practices in the United States. Students create design work that combines field study and studio practice in response to the social and cultural immersion of a study abroad experience in Denmark.
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