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WS 153
Introduction to Women Authors
WS 201
Intro to Women's Studies
WS 202
Intro Contemp Feminisms
WS 203
Intro Gender Methods
WS 225
Language and Gender
WS 301
Sexual Viol Agnst Women & Chld
WS 304
LGBTQ Studies
WS 312
African American Women
WS 313
Women in the U.S. to 1869
WS 314
Women in the U.S. since 1869
WS 339
Psychology of Women
WS 353
Readings in Women Writers
WS 355
Readings in Sexuality and Lit
WS 356
Philosophical Aspect Fem
WS 403
Women & Change Devel Countries
WS 412
Women Modern European History
WS 420
Hist Sexual since 18th Cen
WS 424
Seminar in Queer Studies
WS 425
Women and Criminal Justice
WS 448
Seminar in Gender & Literature
WS 452
Film, Gender, and Sexuality
WS 490
Independent Study
WS 491
Special Topics
WS 492
Adv Women's Studies (W)
WS 493
WS 858
Gender and Environment
WS 860
Seminar in Women's History
WS 890
Individual Reading
WS 897
Sem Fem Theories Epist Pedag
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