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UP 100
The City
UP 201
Intro to Urban & Reg Planning
UP 314
Methd Invest of Urban Systems
UP 353
Land Use Planning
UP 365
Planning Law & Ethics (W)
UP 400
Spec Topics in Urban Planning
UP 413
Urban Geography
UP 414
Geography of Transportation
UP 415
Location Thry & Land Use Anly
UP 418
The Ghetto
UP 424
GIS & Dsgn Tools for Plng
UP 425
Problems in GIScience (W)
UP 433
Intro to Environmental Plan
UP 454
Local Economic Planning
UP 458
Housing & Real Estate Devel
UP 478
Urban Transportation Planning
UP 490
Ind Study in Urban Planning
UP 494
Planning Practicum
UP 801
Concep & Issues in Plan & Dev
UP 814
Applied Res Meth Plan & Devel
UP 823
Urban Land Mngmnt & the Envir
UP 824
GIS & Design Tools for Plan
UP 844
Planning Theory and Ethics
UP 854
Economics of Planning & Devel
UP 855
Urban Sustain & Climate Change
UP 865
Planning and Development Law
UP 878
Autonomous Futures
UP 889
Master's Research
UP 890
Independent Study
UP 893
Internship in Urban Planning
UP 894
Planning Practicum
UP 899
Master's Thesis Research
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