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THR 100
Introduction to Theatre
THR 101
Acting I
THR 101N
Acting I for Non-Majors
THR 110
Theatrical Play Analysis
THR 110N
Play Analysis for Non-Majors
THR 111
Intro to Technical Theatre
THR 111L
Intro to Technical Theatre Lab
THR 201
Acting II for BFA Theatre
THR 201N
Acting II for Non-Theatre Maj
THR 202
Voice Studio I
THR 202L
Voice Studio I Laboratory
THR 204
Topics in Acting/Directing I
THR 207
Movement Studio I
THR 208
Innovation through Improv
THR 211
Intro to Lighting Design
THR 212
Intro to Costume Design
THR 214
Intro to Scene Design
THR 216
Intro to Sound Design
THR 219
Intro to Projection Design
THR 290
Independent Study
THR 300
THR 300A
Theatre Practicum - Production
THR 300C
Theatre Practicum - Area
THR 301
Acting III
THR 304
Topics in Acting/Directing II
THR 316
Stage Management
THR 330
Theatre in a Global Context
THR 331
Studies Contemporary Theatre
THR 332
Topics in Theatre Studies
THR 336
Sex, Sexuality and Theatre
THR 341
Beginning Play Directing
THR 350
Plays as Film
THR 362
Topics in Costume Technology
THR 364
Topics in Scenery Technology
THR 390
Special Topics in Theatre
THR 401
Acting IV
THR 402
Voice Studio II
THR 404
Topics in Acting/Directing III
THR 407
Movement Studio II
THR 411
Stage Lighting Design
THR 412
Stage Costume Design
THR 413
Stage Make-up
THR 416
Stage Sound Design
THR 419
Projection Design
THR 422
Children's Theatre
THR 431
Studies in Theatre History
THR 441
Advanced Play Directing
THR 466
Advanced Stage Management
THR 490
Independent Study
THR 491
THR 492
Senior Seminar (W)
THR 493
Internship in Theatre
THR 494
Performance Tour
THR 495
Musical Theatre Workshop
THR 801
THR 804
THR 805
THR 811
THR 813
Period Resources and Research
THR 818
Design Studio
THR 819
Applied Design Studio
THR 830
Intro to Graduate Studies
THR 832
Comparative Drama & Criticism
THR 834
Professional Aspects
THR 870
Collaborative Studio
THR 890
Independent Study
THR 894
Special Projects in Theatre
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