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TE 120
Integrated Science Seminar
TE 150
Reflections on Learning
TE 201
Current Issues in Education
TE 250
Hum Div Power & Opp Soc Inst
TE 291A
Special Topics Urban Educ II
TE 301
Lit Lrnrs & Lrning in Ctxt-Ele
TE 302
Lrners & Lrning in Context-Sec
TE 304
Algebra for Teachers
TE 305
Funct & Calculus for Elem (W)
TE 320
Integrated Science
TE 348
Reading/Responding Chldrn Lit
TE 351
Urban Education
TE 352
Immigrant Language and Culture
TE 353
International Education
TE 361
Educ Reform & Policy Analysis
TE 403
Tchng Science Diverse Lrn-Elem
TE 404
Tchng SocStud Diverse Lrn-Elem
TE 405
Tchng Literacy Diverse Lrn-Ele
TE 406
Tchng Math Diverse Lrn-Elem
TE 407
Tchng Sub Mat Diverse Lrn-Sec
TE 408
Crafting Tchng Practice-Sec(W)
TE 409
Crft Tchng Practice-Sec Minor
TE 420
Integrated Science Research
TE 430
Intro to Arts in the Classroom
TE 432
Learning Through Movement
TE 448
Diversity Child & Adolesct Lit
TE 458
Reading Writing & Tchng Poetry
TE 490
Reading & Ind Study Teacher Ed
TE 494
Field Experience in Teacher Ed
TE 495
Student Teaching in Music
TE 496
Becoming School Music Teacher
TE 501
Intern Tching Diverse Lrner I
TE 502
Intern Tching Diverse Lrner II
TE 801
Prof Roles & Tchng Practice I
TE 802
Reflect & Inq Tchng Pract I
TE 803
Prof Roles & Tching Pract II
TE 804
Reflect & Inq Tchng Pract II
TE 807
Prof Development & Inquiry
TE 808
Inquiry Classrm Tching Lrning
TE 811
Philos Inq & Contem Issues Ed
TE 818
Curriculum Its Social Context
TE 822
Iss Culture Classroom & Curric
TE 823
Learning Communities & Equity
TE 831
Tching Schl Subj Matter w/Tech
TE 836
Awards & Classics of Child Lit
TE 842
Elem Reading Assmnt Instruct
TE 843
Sec Reading Assess & Instr
TE 845
Lang Divers & Lit Instr Asmnt
TE 846
Accomm Diffs Literacy Learners
TE 848
Writing Assessment & Instruct
TE 849
Meth Matl Tch Child & Adol Lit
TE 853
Assess & Respnd to Lit Lrn Dif
TE 854
Assess & Rspdg to Lit Lrn Dif
TE 855
Teaching School Mathematics
TE 857
Tching & Lrning Math Prob Solv
TE 861B
Inquiry, Nature of Science
TE 861C
Action Res K 12 Sci Mth Clssrm
TE 867
Perspect Soc Studies Global Ed
TE 870
Curric Design & Dev in Schools
TE 872
Teachers as Teacher Educators
TE 873
Literacy Leadership
TE 879
Teaching College Mathematics
TE 882
Sem Curriculum & Tching
TE 890
Independent Study
TE 891
Spec Top Teach Cur & Schooling
TE 892
ESL/FL Clsrm Prac
TE 894
Lab & Field Exp Cur, Tchg/Sch
TE 896
ESL/FL Practicum
TE 897
Sem Fem Theories Epist Pedag
TE 899
Master's Thesis Research
TE 901
Prosem Curr Instruc & Tch Ed I
TE 902
Prosem Cur Instruc & Tch Ed II
TE 904
ELL/ESL Rsrch and Pract
TE 907
Psychological Study Teaching
TE 909
ELLs in Content Areas
TE 913
Psychology & Pedagogy Math
TE 915
Literacy Sociocultural Context
TE 917
Contemp Theories & Discourses
TE 918
Disc Knowledge & Schl Subjects
TE 921
Learning to Teach
TE 923
Comp Persp Curr Instr & Tch Ed
TE 924
Philosophy Educ Ideas & Meth
TE 926
Proseminar in Mathematics Ed
TE 931
Intro Qualitative Meth Ed Res
TE 934
Intro Quantitative Meth Ed Res
TE 936
Tpcs in Rsch on Tchg & Lrng Sc
TE 937
Topcs in Soc His Phil Found Sc
TE 938
Qualitative Data Analysis
TE 939D
Adv Qual Research
TE 939E
Adv Qual
TE 939F
Adv Qual Methds
TE 939B
Adv Qual
TE 939C
Adv Qual
TE 940
Curric Deliberation & Devel
TE 942
Economics of Education
TE 944
Seminar in English Education
TE 946
Curr Persp Lit Res & Instr
TE 947
Comp International Ed Policy
TE 950
Mathematical Ways of Knowing
TE 954
Design and Methods Math Ed Res
TE 958
History Literacy Rsch Instr
TE 959
Language & Literacy Developmnt
TE 961
Urban Poltcs, Ed & Schl Refrm
TE 962
Tchrs & Tchg in Urban Contexts
TE 963
Crit Race Thery in Ed
TE 971
Teacher Learn School Settings
TE 980
Writing, Research, and Theory
TE 982
Sem Cur Instruct Teacher Ed
TE 990
Independent Study
TE 991
Spec Top Curr Instruc Tchr Ed
TE 994
Lab/Fld Exp Cur Instruc Tch Ed
TE 995
Res Pract Curr Instruc Tch Ed
TE 999
Doctoral Dissertation Research
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