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STT 180
Introduction to Data Science
STT 191
Selected Topics in Statistics
STT 200
Statistical Methods
STT 201
Statistical Methods
STT 224
Intro Prob & Stat for Ecologis
STT 231
Statistics for Scientists
STT 250
Stat & Prob for K-8 Teachers
STT 290
Topic Statistics & Probability
STT 301
Comp Math Data Science
STT 315
Intro Prob & Stat for Business
STT 317
Market Analytics
STT 351
Prob & Statistics Engineering
STT 421
Statistics I
STT 422
Statistics II
STT 430
Intro to Prob & Statistics
STT 441
Prob & Stat I Probability
STT 442
Prob & Stat II Statistics
STT 455
Actuarial Models I
STT 456
Actuarial Models II
STT 458
Financial MTH for Acturaies II
STT 459
Const & Eval Actuarial Models
STT 461
Computations in Prob & Stat
STT 464
Statistics for Biologists
STT 465
Bayesian Statistical Methods
STT 467
Insurance operations
STT 481
Capstone in Statistics (W)
STT 490
Dir Study of Statistical Prob
STT 801
Design of Experiments
STT 802
Statistical Computation
STT 808
Biotatistics I
STT 809
Biostatistics II
STT 810
Math Stat for Data Scientists
STT 814
Adv Statistics Biologists
STT 820A
Econometrics IA
STT 821A
Cross Section Econometrics I
STT 821B
Cross Section Econometrics II
STT 822A
Time Series Econometrics I
STT 825
Sample Surveys
STT 843
Multivariate Analysis
STT 844
Time Series Analysis
STT 847
Analysis of Survival Data
STT 849
Bayesian Inference Monte Carlo
STT 850
Appl Multivar Stat Meth
STT 855
Intro Statistical Genetics
STT 861
Theory of Prob & Stat I
STT 862
Theory of Prob & Stat II
STT 863
Statistical Methods I
STT 864
Statistical Methods II
STT 866
Spatial Data Analysis
STT 867
Linear Model Methodology
STT 868
Mixed Models
STT 872
Statistical Inference I
STT 873
Stat Learning & Data Mining
STT 874
Intro to Bayesian Analysis
STT 881
Theory of Probability I
STT 882
Theory of Probability II
STT 886
Stochastic Processes & App
STT 888
Stochastic Models In Finance
STT 890
Statistical Problems
STT 899
Master's Thesis Research
STT 914
Adv Organizational Resch Meth
STT 920
Adv Meth Epid & Appl Stat
STT 951
Statistical Inference II
STT 953
Asymptotic Theory
STT 961
Weak Converg and Asymp Theory
STT 962
Frac Proc and Power Laws
STT 964
Stochastic Analysis
STT 990
Prob Statistics & Probability
STT 996
Advanced Topics in Probability
STT 997
Advanced Topics in Statistics
STT 999
Doctoral Dissertation Research
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