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STA 110
Drawing I
STA 112
Art & Dsgn
STA 113
Color and Design
STA 114
Three-Dimensional Form
STA 160
Digital Graphic Design
STA 191
Special Topics in Art & Design
STA 201
Fund Comic Art Graphic Novels
STA 260
Concepts of Graphic Design
STA 270
Concepts of Photography
STA 300
Intermediate Drawing
STA 301
Adv Comic Art Graphic Novels
STA 303
Design Thinking
STA 320
Painting I
STA 325
Painting II
STA 330
STA 335
STA 340
STA 345
STA 351
Mixed Media and Installation
STA 355
Construction and Fabrication
STA 360
Graphic Design I
STA 365
Typography I
STA 370
Photography I
STA 371
Art, Education and Society
STA 375
Photography II
STA 380
Electronic Art
STA 384
Experiments in Digital Video
STA 385
Intract Environs & Digital Fab
STA 391
Special Topics in Drawing
STA 420
Advanced Painting
STA 420S
Senior Project in Adv Painting
STA 439
Advanced Printmaking
STA 439S
Senior Proj in Adv Printmaking
STA 440
Advanced Ceramics
STA 440S
Senior Project in Adv Ceramics
STA 450
Advanced Sculpture
STA 450S
Senior Project - Adv Sculpture
STA 460
Graphic Design II
STA 465
Typography II
STA 467
Time and Motion Design
STA 468
Interactive Web Design
STA 472
Color Photography
STA 472S
Senior Project in Color Photog
STA 474
Studio and Location Lighting
STA 474S
Sr Proj-Studio & Lctn Lighting
STA 475
Photography Workshop
STA 475S
Senior Project in Photography
STA 476
The Photobook
STA 480
Adv Electrnc Arts & Intermedia
STA 481
Art Exp Children & Youth I (W)
STA 482
Art Exp Children Youth
STA 490
Independent Study
STA 491
Selected Topics in Studio Art
STA 491B
STA 491E
Sel Topics Graphic Design
STA 492
Senior Sem & Prof Practice (W)
STA 492A
Exhibition Practicum
STA 493
Design Internship
STA 494
Design Center
STA 820
STA 832
STA 833
Intaglio Printing
STA 840
STA 850
STA 860
Graphic Design
STA 880
Intermedia Workshop
STA 890
MFA Seminar Exploring Research
STA 892
Master of Fine Arts Seminar
STA 893
MFA Professional Seminar
STA 895
MFA Studio
STA 897
STA 898
MFA Final Research Project
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