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SCS 560
Intro to Shelter Vet Med
SCS 561
Clinical Competencies III
SCS 563
Intro Exotic Sp & Sm Mammal Me
SCS 564
Applied Small Animal Nutrition
SCS 565
Animal Behavior
SCS 566
Emer & Critical Care Med Sem
SCS 567
Small Animal Clinical Oncology
SCS 568
Sm Animal Orthopedics Seminars
SCS 569
SCS 590
Selective in SCS
SCS 611
Diagnostic Imaging Clerkship
SCS 613
Diagnostic Ultrasound Clkshp
SCS 625
Sm An Primary Care Clerkship
SCS 626
Sm An Soft Tissue Surg Clkshp
SCS 640
Cardiology Clerkship
SCS 641
Ophthalmology Clerkship
SCS 642
Zoo and Wildlife Clerkship
SCS 643
Neurology Clerkship
SCS 644
Dermatology Clerkship
SCS 646
Sm Animal Orthoped Sur Clkshp
SCS 647
Sm Animal Internal Med Clkshp
SCS 648
Anesthesia Clerkship
SCS 651
Adv Comparative Ophthalmology
SCS 654
Clin Med Oncology Clkship
SCS 690
Vet Molecular Biology Clkshp
SCS 693
Prob Sm An Clin Sci Clkshp
SCS 694
Small Animal Speciality Clkshp
SCS 695
Emerg & Crit Care Med Clkshp
SCS 808
Prob Small Animal Surgery
SCS 813
Small Animal Seminar
SCS 830
Oncol Med - Supradiaphragmatic
SCS 831
Oncol Med - Subdiaphragmatic
SCS 899
Master's Thesis Research
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