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SCM 293
Cooperative Education
SCM 303
Introduction Supply Chain Mgt
SCM 304
Survey of Supply Chain Mgt
SCM 371
Procurement & Supply Mgt
SCM 372
Manufacturing Plan & Control
SCM 373
Logistics & Transportation Mgt
SCM 460
Procurement Contracting
SCM 461
Customs, Compliance & Security
SCM 462
End-to-End SCM Using SCODE Sim
SCM 463
SAP Supply Chain Applications
SCM 470
Supply Chain Appl & Policy (W)
SCM 471
Project Management in SCM
SCM 472
Supply Chain Industry Applicat
SCM 474
SCM 475
Supply Chain Decision Modeling
SCM 476
Transportation Management
SCM 479
Supply Chain Cost Mgt
SCM 490
Independent Study
SCM 490H
Honors Independent Study
SCM 491
Topics in Supply Chain Mgmt
SCM 800
Supply Chain Management
SCM 815
Emerging Topics in Supply Mgmt
SCM 825
Strategic Sourcing
SCM 826
Manufacturing Des & Analysis
SCM 827
Supply Chain Logistics
SCM 833
Decision Support Models
SCM 834
Supply Chain Simulation
SCM 842
Total Quality Management
SCM 848
Supply Market Analysis
SCM 852
Supply Management
SCM 853
Operations Strategy
SCM 854
Integrated Log Systems
SCM 855
Supply Chain Mgt Tech & Appl I
SCM 856
Supply Chain Mgt Tech&Appl II
SCM 860
Procurement Contracting
SCM 861
Customs, Compliance & Security
SCM 863
SCM 869
Service Supply Chains
SCM 870
Intro to Supply Chain Mgmt
SCM 871
Applied Data Analysis
SCM 872
Distribution Fulfillment
SCM 874
Total Quality Mgt & Lean Enter
SCM 875
Mfg Planning & Control
SCM 876
Logistics Operations
SCM 879
Supply Chain Applications
SCM 881
Global Supply Chain Mgt
SCM 882
SCM Project Mgt Research Paper
SCM 883
Tech & Product Innov Mgt
SCM 886
Strategic Sourcing
SCM 890
Independent Study
SCM 910
Supply Chain Theory
SCM 917
SCM Applied Decision Models
SCM 918
Procurement & Sourcing Theory
SCM 920
Seminar Manufacturing Strategy
SCM 930
Foundations in Logistics Rsrch
SCM 932
Emerging Thought in Logistics
SCM 941
Seminar on Empirical Research
SCM 942
Seminar on Analytical Research
SCM 990
Independent Study
SCM 995
Directed Research Paper
SCM 999
Doctoral Dissertation Research
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