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REL 101
Exploring Religion
REL 150
Intro to Biblical Literature
REL 175
Religion in Film
REL 185
Intro to Rel & Nonprofits
REL 205
Myth, Self, and Religion
REL 210
Religion and the Environment
REL 215
The Sound Of World Religions
REL 220
Religion in America
REL 290
Independent Study
REL 291
Special Topics in Religion
REL 294
History of Catholicism
REL 301
Methods and Theories in Rel
REL 306
Native American Religions
REL 310
REL 320
REL 325
East Asian Buddhism
REL 330
REL 335
East Asian Religions
REL 340
REL 360
African Religion
REL 365
Evangelicalism in the U.S.
REL 380
New Religions
REL 411
Modern Jewish Thought (W)
REL 420
Birth of Christianity (W)
REL 425
Apocalypse Then and Now (W)
REL 430
The Quran and Its Interpr (W)
REL 432
Modern Muslim Thought (W)
REL 441
Devotional Hinduism (W)
REL 485
Religion & Leadership (W)
REL 490
Independent Study (W)
REL 493
Rel Studies Internship
REL 499
Senior Thesis or Project (W)
REL 890
Independent Study
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