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PLS 100
Intro to American Politics
PLS 140
Intro to Comparative Politics
PLS 160
Intro to Interntl Relations
PLS 170
Intro to Political Philosophy
PLS 200
Intro to Political Science
PLS 201
Intro Meth of Political Anly
PLS 202
Introduction to Data Analytics
PLS 302
Urban Politics
PLS 304
Minority Politics
PLS 310
Public Admin & Policy Making
PLS 313
American Public Policy
PLS 320
Judicial Politics
PLS 321
Constitutional Law
PLS 322
Comparative Legal Systems
PLS 324
PLS 325
The Presidency
PLS 333
Public Opinion & Pol Behavior
PLS 334
Campaigns and Elections
PLS 342
Comparative Political Economy
PLS 344
Politics of Developing Areas
PLS 346
Middle East Politics
PLS 347
Democratic Regimes
PLS 351
African Politics
PLS 354
Politics of Asia
PLS 356
Pol of Europe & European Union
PLS 357
Pol Engl Speaking Democracies
PLS 358
Pol U.S.S.R. & Successor Sts
PLS 363
Intl & Dom Political Conflict
PLS 364
Pol of UN & Intl Orgs
PLS 371
Classical Political Philosophy
PLS 372
Modern Political Philosophy
PLS 377
American Political Thought
PLS 392
Spec Topics in Political Sci
PLS 422
Sem in Political Science (W)
PLS 441
Islam and World Politics
PLS 481H
Undergrad Res Sem
PLS 490H
Honors Internship
PLS 491H
Senior Honors Thesis
PLS 494
Field Exp In Political Science
PLS 495
Independent Study
PLS 800
Proseminar Pol Thry & Rsch Mtd
PLS 801
Quant Tech Pub Pol & Pol Sci I
PLS 802
Quant Tech Pub Pol & Pol Sc II
PLS 809
Proseminar in Formal Theory
PLS 811
Proseminar in Policy Analysis
PLS 820
Proseminar in Amer Politics
PLS 821
State Government and Politics
PLS 826
International Development
PLS 828
Public Opinion & Pol Behavior
PLS 850
Proseminar Comparative Politic
PLS 854
Comp Political Institutions
PLS 857
Parties and Elections
PLS 860
Proseminar Interntl Relations
PLS 870
Proseminar Political Thought
PLS 871
Classical Political Philosophy
PLS 900
Res Sem Political Methodology
PLS 910
Res Sem Public Pol & Admin
PLS 920
Res Sem Amer Politics
PLS 950
Res Sem Comparative Politics
PLS 960
Res Sem Interntl Politics
PLS 970
Res Sem Political Thought
PLS 993
Readings in Political Science
PLS 999
Doctoral Dissertation Research
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