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PLB 105
Plant Biology
PLB 106
Plant Biology Laboratory
PLB 162
Organismal and Pop Biology
PLB 172
Organismal Biology Lab
PLB 182H
Honors Organismal Biology
PLB 192H
Honors Organismal Biology Lab
PLB 203
Biology of Plants
PLB 218
Plants of Michigan
PLB 301
Introductory Plant Physiology
PLB 341
Fundamental Genetics
PLB 355
PLB 355L
Ecology Laboratory (W)
PLB 400
Introduction to Bioinformatics
PLB 402
Biology of Fungi
PLB 407
Disease & Insect & Shade Tree
PLB 415
Plant Physiology
PLB 416L
Plant Physiology Laboratory
PLB 418
Plant Systematics
PLB 424
Algal Biology
PLB 441
Plant Ecology
PLB 443
Restoration Ecology
PLB 445
Evolution (W)
PLB 485
Tropical Biology
PLB 490H
Honors Directed Studies
PLB 490
Directed Studies
PLB 495
Botanical Garden Internship
PLB 498
Undergraduate Research
PLB 499
Senior Seminar (W)
PLB 801
Foundations of Plant Biology
PLB 802
Selected Top in Plant Biology
PLB 804
Frontiers in Plant Biology
PLB 805
Spec Prob Physiology & Biochem
PLB 806
Spec Prob Genet & Molec Bio
PLB 807
Special Problems in Mycology
PLB 809
Spec Prob Ecol, Sys, & Evol
PLB 810
Theories & Practices in Bioi
PLB 812
Plant Genomics
PLB 820
Plant Rep Biol & Polyploidy
PLB 828
Molec Ecology & Conse Genetics
PLB 830
Stat Meth Ecol & Evol I
PLB 831
Stat Meth Ecol & Evolution II
PLB 847
Advanced Mycology
PLB 849
Evolutionary Biology
PLB 856
Plant Molecular & Omic Biology
PLB 864
Plant Special Metabol
PLB 866
Mol Plant Physiol
PLB 884
Prokaryotic Diseases of Plants
PLB 896
Population & Community Ecology
PLB 899
Master's Thesis Research
PLB 999
Doctoral Dissertation Research
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