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PIM 800
Managerial Skills
PIM 801
Organizational Analysis
PIM 802
Integrative Case Comp
PIM 803
Leadership Development
PIM 804
Strategic Vision
PIM 811
Financial Accounting Concepts
PIM 812
Managerial Accounting
PIM 813
Information Systems
PIM 821
Managerial Economics
PIM 822
Macroeconomics for Managers
PIM 831
Legal Environment of Business
PIM 841
Corporate Finance
PIM 842
Managerial Finance
PIM 845
Mergers and Acquisitions
PIM 850
Analysis and Decision Modeling
PIM 851
Business Analytics
PIM 852
PIM 853
Human Resource Management
PIM 855
Strategic Management I
PIM 862
Customer & Competitor Analysis
PIM 863
Marketing Systems
PIM 870
Supply Chain Management
PIM 871
Innovation of Products & Serv
PIM 873A
Cur Bus Issues
PIM 873F
Cur Bus Issues
PIM 875
Supply Chain Management II
PIM 876
Ethics in the Workplace
PIM 891
Special Topics in Business
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